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iphone X Features, Specifications

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The Cupertino, California-based firm made it official at an event on the Apple Campus in the Steve Jobs Theater.

Apple CEO Tim Cook known as the new iPhone X "the biggest leap forward since the original iPhone," and it's easy to see why. The screen, which takes up the entire of this phone's front panel, is created from surgical-grade stainless steel, with glass to the back panel. It's water- and - dust-resistant, and available in space grey and silver.

The OLED display -- an iPhone first -- is called the Super Retina Display and steps 5.8 inches, with a resolution of 2,436 × 1,125 pixels. Apple states it rectifies the problems with brightness and colour accuracy that have sometimes plagued OLED displays in years past and that it comprises Dolby Vision and HDR10 for stunning high-contrast video playback. The iPhone X additionally boasts TrueTone dynamic white-balance adjustment, a characteristic of this 10.5-inch iPad Pro and the new iPhone 8 models.

The iPhone X is designed to be intuitive despite one big omission: The physical home button on the front. Instead, it's a swipe up, a raise-to-wake gesture, or a tap on the screen to wake up the iPhone X. These work throughout the operating system, for multi-tasking. Siri is still activated by voice or by using a multi-function side button, and a double tap on the side sleep/wake key activates Apple Pay.

Our iPhone X hands-on reveals how impressed we were with the phone, but it's uncertain why no other firm made the iPhone X earlier Apple. Little of its technology is brand new, after all -- following is a list showing which phones originated some of its innovations.

Rumors set the iPhone X's price at $1,000, and that turned out to be right. Apple will sell the iPhone X in 55 countries around the world.

But those dates could change. The iPhone X's Face ID detector is reportedly taking more time to build than expected, according to The Wall Street Journal, contributing to shipping delays. The issue lies in a "imbalance" between the so-called Romeo module, an infrared dot projector that beams over 30,000 invisible dots to make a depth map of faces, along with the Juliet module, which analyzes the pattern produced by those dots.

According to Christopher Caso, a chip analyst with Raymond James, meeting of the iPhone X isn't place to begin until mid-October, with production ramping up in the December quarter. Along with a report by KGI Securities estimates it might take nicely into2018 to get Apple to fill each of iPhone X orders.

The iPhone X has been the third phone announced by Apple on September 12, joining the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. It followed the Series 3 Apple Watch, which comes with built-in cellular connectivity. The occasion also featured other new devices.

The iPhone X's camera has a dual-lens 12-megapixel rear camera with double optical image stabilization, consisting up of a wide-angle f/1.8 aperture lens and a telephoto f/2.4 aperture lens. The 7-megapixel front camera supports Portrait style and has auto image stabilization and exposure control. Apple's new image signal processor provides advanced pixel processing and a new color filter, and both cameras use the new Natural Lighting effect introduced to the iPhone 8 and ARKit augmented reality attributes. Finally, video has additionally been improved with 4K resolution movies at 60fps and slow-motion video in 240fps.

The iPhone X retains the A11 Bionic chip in the iPhone 8, a 64-bit super efficient chip with a new Apple-designed graphics unit, which has 30 percent greater speed than the existing unit. It contains six cores and better performance than the A10 Fusion chip, and while Apple typically does not publish RAM specifications, filings from China electronics regulator TENNA reveal the iPhone X includes 3GB of RAM. Apple says that the high-performance cores to provide a 25-percent speed increase along with a 70 percent boost in the four performance cores.

In terms of battery life, the iPhone X continues about two hours more than the iPhone 7 Plus on a single cost. That is not terribly surprising; according to Chinese electronics regulator Tenaa's filings, the iPhone X's includes a 2,716mAh battery, which isn't far off from the iPhone 7 Plus's 2,900mAh. It supports wireless charging via Qi-compatible accessories and Apple will introduce a proprietary charging solution called AirPowerearly next year.

Face ID
Apple's new facial recognition technologies, Face ID, makes its debut on the iPhone X. It functions using the TrueDepth camera system hidden in the notch at the top of the display. Glance in the iPhone X and it illuminates your face with an infrared dot selection, allowing the infrared camera to identify it. Using the iPhone X's six-core A11 Bionic processor paired with 3GB of RAM, a neural engine processes the image in real time, mapping the contours and shape of your own face mathematically.

Apple claims Face ID isn't confused with hairstyles, hats, or beards. According to Apple software chief Craig Federighi, the iPhone will have the ability to recognize your face through "many" sunglasses too, as long as they let through enough infrared light. Protections against masks and pictures have been in place, and face information is stored in the secure enclave inside the A11 Bionic chip.

Do not fret about Face ID being less protected than other biometric programs; it's not. The chance of someone besides you unlocking your phone with Touch ID is one in 50,000, Apple states, but for Face ID it's one in a million. Apple Pay requires you to examine the phone when you go to pay, and it works with existing programs that use Touch ID for authentication.

On top of that, Apple has implemented some software protections against people stealing your phone and simply holding it to your face to unlock it. For starters, if you don't stare in the phone itself, it will not unlock. And if you grip the buttons on both edges of this phone, the device will temporarily disable facial recognition.

If you recall when Apple first implemented Touch ID, you'll remember some bumps and bugs at first -- but a lot of these bugs shouldn't exist with Face ID. In reality, developers will not even need to worry about implementing it -- if a program uses Touch ID, it will automatically also utilize Face ID.

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Comparision between Ticketing Platforms

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SeatGeek is the obvious winner for the best prices and selection versus StubHub, TicketLiquidator, Ticketmaster. None of the sites listed below are "risky," unlike Craigslist, and if all be reliable to deliver the tickets that you're purchasing.

SeatGeek is a ticket aggregator (think Orbitz for tickets) that shows you all of the tickets available from many other ticket resellers. SeatGeek tends to get the very best prices, and they've transparent pricing, which means you don't need to be worried about checkout fees.

StubHub, owned by eBay, is the most prominent peer to peer reviewed reseller but they include significant fees if you checkout so beware. Stubhub has the maximum inventory of any freelancer, but it does not necessarily have the best prices because of its prices.

Before buying from a ticket freelancer, I regularly advise checking the box office (generally Ticketmaster) to see if there are some tickets available since they tend to be cheaper if the event isn't sold out.

Ticket Liquidator

TicketLiquidator has a substantial inventory of tickets and should always be referenced when you are comparing prices between different sites. They include a $7.95 fee once you check out.

Tickets Now 

TicketsNow, a spouse of Ticketmaster, tends to get good bargains and should always be referenced if you are looking at ticket prices. Be aware that the prices do not include a small fee which gets tacked on in the end.


The site is quite poorly built, and you are better off buying your tickets on SeatGeek, StubHub or one of those other urge sites.

You can also check Vivid seats vs Stubhub comparision here


ScoreBig is a business which sells unsold box office inventory at discount prices. There are two Main Issues with ScoreBig though:

They do not have tickets for each Occasions with unsold inventory which are listed on ScoreBig tend to have quite low instant market worth, so greater prices are nearly always available on SeatGeek, StubHub, or even TicketLiquidator


Your very best choice is to utilize SeatGeek since it tends to get the very best prices and the largest inventory of tickets.
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Vivo V5S Review

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 Yes, literally Vivo is anywhere in the country.  Be it shopping malls, or only a busy street in which you appear, and there is a Vivo hoarding touting the fantastic Selfie taking capabilities of their smartphones.  But that does not necessarily signify that their smartphones aren't great, and the provider is simply relying on offline marketing to their business.  Throughout the previous few months, we've noticed a whole lot of smartphone launches in Vivo.

They started the Vivo V5smartphone which was shortly followed with the Vivo V5 Plus variant.  And now only about six months down the line, we've got the newest Vivo V5s smartphone.So once you launch a whole lot of those smartphones back to back, it is important to be certain that each and every time you're coming up with something which is far better than the previous one.

 Nevertheless, talking about the newest Vivo V5s smartphone, it is tough to digest the fact that we've got a brand new smartphone in only within six months in the introduction of the Vivo V5.  So we decided to choose the Vivo V5s for a spin and see if this is in fact great and is it worth upgrading to this smartphone if you already have one of the ideal selfie smartphones from Vivo.DesignIf you're coming in the Vivo V5 smartphone, then getting introduced into the design of this Vivo V5s should not be troublesome for you.

 It seems precisely the exact same for the most part.   The only noticeable difference which you will encounter would be the antenna rings.  They now run round the top and bottom also leaves a 'U' shape.

This is extremely similar to the ones located on the iPhone 7 along with the 7 Plus and in actuality, even the Vivo V5 Plus had exactly the exact same design for its antenna lines.  Coming to the front, we've got the display along with the fingerprint scanner in the base which is also a capacitive button.  On the cover of the front, we've got the earpiece, front facing camera along with a whole lot of detectors.

 On the left side, we've got nothing but that the SIM tray which is a hybrid slotmachine, and on the right, we've got the quantity rockers as well as the power button.  Again in relation to the hardware, we do not have much of an improvement here with all the Vivo V5s within the Vivo V5.

We're looking at the exact same 5.5" display on the front with a resolution of 1280 x 720.  Yes, this is one of the significant disappointment which we have with the smartphone since an FHD display would have been nice to increase the total worth of this smartphone.  Additionally, considering the fact that other competitions in exactly the exact same price point are offering an FHD display like the Redmi Notice 4, etc. this was the very least that we could have asked for.

 Moving on from this, we've got a 64-bit octave-core MediaTek MT6750 SoC powering this smartphone.  It is combined with Mali-T860MP2 for graphics processing. The storage is where we've got an update from the Vivo V5 since the V5 came with just 32GB of storage from the box and here we've 64GB.

  But in both the scenario, you can enlarge it via a microSD card anyway so it should not be a deciding factor to purchase the smartphone after all.  And in actuality, this is the sole difference that we have with the Vivo V5s and virtually everything else concerning the smartphone in regard to its performance is identical to that of those Vivo V5.

  But if you still want any details about the performance, we're leaving a whole lot of benchmark results for one to have a look.   This is the corporation's custom skin in addition to the inventory Android.

  Honestly, this is one of the most heaviest UI which we've observed on almost any Android smartphone till and we've used a good deal of those.  We've already pointed this out many of times while using previous Vivo smartphones, but things do not appear to have changed even a bit.  It is customized to some point where it does not even feel like you're using a Android phone anymore.

  It appears like iOS since the majority of the design is inspired by the iOS.  The program icons, the control panel in the bottom and also the notification color at the top, everything about this UI yells iOS.  Yes, if you fancy an iOS smartphone and can not afford one, then this may be the ideal thing for you.  However, for those who are into inventory Android ought to keep away from this.However, not everything about the UI is poor.

Though it is heavily skinned, we do have some recently added attributes which would enable users to get the most from your device.   The 3,000 mAh battery was able to keep up with our use easily through the day.  On the days when we tested it out difficult by throwing in some routine tests, etc., the battery was able to keep up with the load.CameraVivo has been focusing more on the camera side because of its smartphones, also it is quite obvious since the majority of the previous launches are merely selfies centric smartphones.  

This is also a selfie-centric smartphone also it is safe to state that the camera is your unique selling point of this smartphone.  In the rear, the Vivo V5s includes a 13MP camera, whereas, on the very front, there is a 20MP front-facing selfie shot for those ideal selfies.

 Front facing camera also offers the corporation's signature moonlight flash also which we've been seeing in the majority of the new Vivo smartphone.  Well, maybe not a lover of beauty style and need to display your natural beauty, then you may wish to choose out of it too and simply opt for the typical images.

 Having said this, the selfies taken out of this smartphone, be it with or without the attractiveness style, are simply amazing.  This is your very best choice if you really need a selfie-centric smartphone.  We already did a detailed comparison of this selfie camera of Vivo V5 as well as the Vivo V5s smartphone.

You may check it out to get a detailed analysis of this difference between the two the selfie cameras as well as also the devices as a whole.Now, coming into the back facing camera, as mentioned earlier, the Vivo V5s includes a 13MP rear-facing camera.  The camera is not exceptional, but it will get the work done.

Check out the full video review

 The photographs which you catch from this smartphone includes a great deal of details, as a result of this 13MP detector, there is a good deal of details to have fun with.  Although few of those shots which we recorded in the daylight came out a bit faded and boring in comparison to everything you might escape from another smartphone in the vicinity of the exact same price point.

 And coming into the low-light photographs, even once you use the flash, the images will be grainy and entire, let us just say that it is not actually impressive in low-light.  Following are a few of the camera examples which we shot about, and they ought to give you a fantastic idea about what exactly we watched talking about this.

In a price of 18,990 INR, it is actually tough to advocate this smartphone to someone who is already using a Vivo V5 or the Vivo V5 Plus, etc.. since you aren't actually getting anything new.  The Vivo V5s comes with 64GB of internal storage which is just slightly more compared to V5 and given the reality that both the devices do encourage an expandable storage, so it should not be an issue whatsoever.

That said, if you're in the market to get a selfie-centric smartphone today and if you're tight on your budget, then Vivo V5s as well as the Vivo V5 would be the best options.  They both have really great selfie camera which operates perfectly and does precisely what they're supposed to do.  There are a whole lot of different options too when it comes to selfie-centric smartphones in sub-20,000 INR price section like the Oppo F1s, etc., plus they're also worth considering.

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Honor 8 Lite Review

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Honor, the sub-brand of this Chinese smartphone maker Huawei has come a long way today, previously.  It was mostly famous for launching several affordable smartphones in the past which weren't essentially good looking but they were definitely easy on the pocket.

But now things have begun to alter a little.  Bear in mind the Honor 8 smartphone in this past year, which had a beautiful, shiny and reflective glass rear?  Yes, that is one of the greatest smartphones which Honor has ever launched till today and is certainly going to be there for quite a very long time.

  If you're interested to find out more about it, then it's possible to have a look at our complete written review of this Honor 8 on the website.

Even though the Honor 8 was really good at lots of things, it was essentially not the most inexpensive smartphone coming out of Honor.  In the time of this launching, it had been priced at roughly 30,000 INR.

 No doubt that it had been an impressive device inside outside but it was still an expensive bundle nonetheless.  Honor did wind up selling a good deal of these in India, but the additional devices in the marketplace were still outselling it.

 In actuality, the Honor 6x which was started afterwards was outselling Honor 8 since that also came with a Double camera setup, to get a comparatively much lesser price.

So what could you do if you're stuck in a situation like this?  Simply tone down the internals a little, cut off several attributes and call it a Lite version, yes?  Well, that is what Honor has done here with all the Honor 8 Lite.The Honor 8 Lite since the title evidently suggests that it is a lighter version of this Honor 8 smartphone.

 So essentially what we're looking at here is a really similar looking bundle with slightly less powerful internals in only about the exact same sized body.   Well, let us find out. DesignFirst of all, once we state that the Honor 8 Lite is a really similar looking bundle to the Honor 8, we're extremely serious.

The Honor 8 Lite comes with a glass rear and front just like the Honor 8 and it looks stunning.  Yes, it doesn't have the exact same specific sort of glass used to the Honor 8 plus it does not signify the light, the method by which in which the Honor 8 did, however it is still an extremely terrific smartphone to check at.

Check out the Installation guide of Freedom Apk 

 The glass back seems totally stunning and it is extremely glossy also.   On the sides, we've got plastic which does a excellent job of looking and feeling like alloy.   In the back, however, you will notice that it comes with just a single detector, which means that there is not any dual camera good with this one.

  But overall, to sum it up, the Honor 8 Lite includes a fantastic build quality and for this price, you simply can't ask for anything over this.In regard to the hardware, we're looking at a fairly good pair of specs.  Honor is not going mad here with all the specs and that is again since it is a 'lite' version.  

 In a nutshell, it appears exactly like the one about the Honor 8 for the most part.  Under the hood, we've got a HiSilicon Kirin 655 which is a 64-bit octa-core SoC also it has Mali-T830 MP2 GPU for graphics rendering.

 The Honor 8 Lite includes 4GB of RAM plus it also comes with 64GB of internal storage with an option to enlarge it externally via a microSD card which goes into a hybrid vehicle slot.Even though these pair of specs does not really seem all that good on paper, it is still a terrific performer.

 We will leave a few benchmark results if you're really interested in that for a few reason.  However, as you all know, a device's performance has a great deal to do with the general day-to-day usage instead of simply show excellent numbers on the benchmarks.  The time we spent with all the device, it felt quite nice and snappy for the most part.  

You can certainly do a great quantity of gaming also, but bear in mind that the device will warm up and it will feel warm to the touch in certain time.  And yes, there is also a fingerprint scanner sunk into the rear of the glass frame.

 This is an active fingerprint scanner and you can simply tap on it and unlock the device at in virtually no time whatsoever.   The battery life which we obtained from this device was the normal '1-day' battery life which you are able to get our of another typical smartphone with a 3,000 mAh batterylife.

 The Honor 8 also had a 3,000 mAh battery and it was also an adequate actor when it comes to battery life along with also the Honor 8 Lite is no exception.  If you're a heavy hitter, who is always online browsing the internet, using social media and gaming, etc., afterward, in that circumstance, you might as well have the ability to kill it in pretty much a day.

 And regrettably the charging interface is a USB 2.0, which means that you won't receive the reversible cable mind or quick data transfer too for that matter.SoftwareThe Honor 8 Lite is running on Android 7.0 Nougat from the box with the provider's EMUI version 5.0 along with it.  EMUI, as most of us know is quite heavy and it provides a lot attributes within the inventory android.

The EMUI adds ne features like Dual Apps with which you'll be able to run Double WhatsApp, etc. about the Honor 8 Lite smartphone.  This feature is currently available with few different producers, but now Honor has also introduced this with all the Honor 8 Lite.

The Honor 8 Lite also comes with a whole lot of bloatware which happily can also be uninstalled instead of simply disabling it.  From the box, you receive all of the inventory Google applications too including the newest Duo program.

  Despite being a thick skin, the EMUI does not appear to lag on the Honor 8 Lite.  It runs fairly well and manages all of the day-to-day activities also fairly easily.  The majority of it is obviously as it is a brand new device and we will need to observe the way the software ages overtime on a hardware like this.    

 As mentioned earlier, this is not having the identical dual lens camera like the one discovered on the Honor 8, however you will still like this a whole lot better.  It has a 12MP rear-facing camera with Stage detection Autofocus a.k.a PDAF (this seems much cooler) and on the front, we've got an 8MP selfie shooter with a f/2.0 aperture.

The images recorded by the Honor 8 Lite are nice and sharp and supplies a good deal of details, as a result of its megapixel count.  It captures these images fairly quick also.  But, there is not any OIS here with all the Honor 8 Lite and therefore you want to have stable hands to protect against the shaky pictures and videos.

  Talking on videos, it may record just upto 1080p resolution and there is not any 4K here regrettably.  The software adds in a whole lot of shooting modes too which is always best to need to change things up a bit.  You could also double tap down the volume button to quick load on the camera and snap an image.

 Aside from that, we're leaving a number of these camera samples here which we taken with the Honor 8 Lite and you'll be able to have a peek at these and decide on your own.Verdict It appears just as great as the Honor 8 without giving up too much so much as the design is concerned.

Now coming into the internal hardware, though it has slightly less powerful internals, the Honor 8 Lite excels here also.  It runs all of the day-to-day apps absolutely fine and feels nice and eloquent just like a 2017 smartphone ought to be.

 Yes, the camera might not be as great as what we saw with the Honor 8, however it is still a great one and it will get the work done.  Aside from this EMUI software experience, this is a fairly sweet package.

Check out the video review on Honor 8 Lite

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Freedom APK Download & Installation Guide

Posted by Santosh
 Here we're describing freedom program.  Freedom Apk is universally called the main component which helps everyone, save men and women in earning game coins and provides them with free in app purchases.

 It is very helpful to you.Important Notice:It is compulsory that the liberty app needs the root access.  That is your Android has to be rooted if the android isn't frozen the liberty app will not work on your device.  Thus, before you go ahead you will have to be sure that your android device is rooted.

What is Freedom App?  

What makes Freedom App so accepted and widely welcomed, it certainly is due to the permits it permits its users to hack in-app purchases without even having to cover it.

The liberty program is the hacking instrument which bypasses the credit checking account system of this google pay and after that it actually utilizes the bogus credit in order to pay for the credit features.

Diversified games like 'Sweet Crush Saga, Subway Surfers, Temple Run, Metropolis Island, Pou and multiple longer have had the liberty through freedom.apk for Android as customers want not necessarily make payments on Saturdays programs potentially.

It works like, really the fake credit card does not have any credit loaded but still what functions is that the app is capable enough to convince the play shop that the actual money was already paidOn these lines, similarly every Android user will certainly benefit from this app and it levies no restrictions or barriers on downloads and in-app purchases making it highly efficient and user-friendly.

Another thing you should be aware of is that the liberty app is not legal and you can't get this program from the google play store, but the crazy thing is that can use this app for free without facing any obstacles or risks as a enormous number of people are using this program.

Why Do You Want Freedom Apk On Android

Assumptions may be many, yet the truth are certainly right and genuine about this app and it has not let any user feel regretful, here some solid reasons as to why:-Free in-app buys on your google play shop.  Complete access and no restrictions on any particular app of interest.

Gaming enthusiasts on Android phones have the availability of unlimited jewels and lives on any specific matches that they play their minds into.

 Arguably simple to use by any.  People usually confuse with hacking but using this app everything fine, it is the simplest that means of acquiring cards, coins, etc., by the gamer on Android versions to collectively play free of charge.

 It only relies on a 'no price in app purchase.'  Second, Freedom APK applies way of 'dummy' credit card for purchases.  Few apps may require being uninstalled after rooting the apparatus, APK brings about essentially and changes the operation according to the Android version the particular phone is in.  Many programs create root access attributes towards growing memory, manipulation, etc. but this comparison is totally reliable.

 Few of those APK exclusives are:-PokeSniper APKSBGame Hacker -- finest hacker for android for a match modifier.   The Android phones have the >security,>assess>enable unknown sources.   Super usage permissions are highly necessary.

Download the Freedom Apk file here -->> Freedom Apk

Root permissions have to be granted.  Now it releases the programs in the phone that require in-app purchases Harness on the apps to make them for free.  While making the apps at no cost, 'No advertisement free card' will show up on the display, Click on Grant on it to further, go ahead and purchase the app for free.

Freedom APK can get upgrades, premiums, features for games and programs for free via root access.  The 1.0.6 version supports Android 2.2 and higher, Lollipop users must use the latest version and APK may be of continuously updated on its options menu In the Android phone.On the recent upgrade of APK, v1.0.8c is liberated off rooting.

The version 1.0.7Rs recently works just with all the Android Lollipop.  However this app facilitates the consumer with new editions every week, it might not pertain to all of the apps and games but is surely safe to use on a phone unless an individual misuses it.It is possible to follow this video tutorial if you have any suspicions.


Must to have the latest edition of Google Play Store.

 All Google services or programs like Google Talk, Google Play, etc..  Using device has to be rooted (Exceptionally for HTC phones, S-OFF must be there on the device)Time zone has to place to be accordingly to Moscow before using the app.

  Internet connection rate at 2.1+ Android device.  Rooted Android 2.1+This app works only for lawfully installed apps.Another better comfort using this program is that while playing a game, one often replays a particular degree due to the bought add and this program improves or avoids these clusters.It also provides the user with better visual clarity for matches.

However, any of those laptop/PC users can directly download it based on the steps mentioned above to get quicker access to better levels.

Check out the video tutorial on the same

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Sunday, 3 September 2017

Samsung Note 8 Review

Posted by Santosh
Well, it really still is -- there is very little wrong with the Note 8 if you are a lover of this phablet -- but the spectre of the past season's debacle is still hanging over its shiny body.

As with the Galaxy S8, Samsung has promised that its rigorous battery checks will stop these incendiary incidents from happening again -- and that is definitely the case with the Note 8 also.Therefore, you are able to disregard the issues from last year if you go with this fresh and powerful handset from Samsung... besides the inevitable questions / mocking you are going to have to put up with once you pull it out to the first time.

As mentioned, you are going to need to be a lover of Samsung's phablets specifically to be attracted towards the Note 8 on the Galaxy S8 Plus, for instance, because despite having more power and a bigger and sharper display than anything Samsung has established earlier, it's got a bigger battery than the S8 Plus also is much more expensive also. 

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It'll be in US shops on Friday, September 15, in Australia on September 22, also about those crucial across other important territories, like the United Kingdom.In regard to price -- get ready for a really expensive phone.  In the UK it's going to be #869 SIM-free, and Notice 8 deals will begin at approximately #60 a month if you'd like a complimentary phone -- very much in the pricey end of this scale. 

T-Mobile is just  charging $30 per month... with a $210 downpayment.  Luckily, there will be Notice 8 bargains in the united states. The fantastic thing is that pretty much every significant Australian telco is carrying the device, with all the least expensive plans starting at about $80 a month on a 24-month contract. 

 If you are looking to pick up the handset down below, our Aussie deals group includes a round-up of their very best Australian Notice 8 programs on offer.More display than ever beforeAlong with also the Galaxy Note 8 gets got the biggest version of this display yet noticed, with a 6.3-inch QHD+ offering that only appears sublime.  

You are really only picking up a display with all the phone attached somewhere on the trunk.It's brighter and more vibrant than anything we have seen before - though we are awaiting the laboratory tests to confirm this - making it the ideal phone to see movies on again if so.

The design of this phone matches the display nicely, with all the slightly curved edges on the trunk having a bit of sharpness about these to create the phone easier to grip.AdvertisementIt was interesting to notice (sorry...) which we tended to pick up the phone more in the middle of the display, instead of cradling it in the base -- this left finding the buttons along with the back fingerprint scanner easier to hit (more on this later). 

It was even possible to make it to the entire width of the display with a thumb, even though you can forget hitting on the corners.

  This will save weight, and the total construction feels premium, however there is a tactility to alloy -- or perhaps  ceramic -- which we miss here.Fingerprint mistakes are replicatedBut when it comes to design choices, we are disappointed that Samsung has maintained its position of putting the fingerprint scanner on the trunk alongside the camera.

We had presumed that last-minute design changes had intended that the Galaxy S8 needed to possess the biometric unlocking system placed on the trunk, and that this issue will be solved with the Note 8. 

Yes, the speaker is easier to hit thanks to being more conspicuous, and how you hold the Note 8 signifies that your finger falls more obviously on it; however it's not comfortable, and there are much  better examples of scanners around the rear of phones out there (that the Google Pixel springs to mind).

Samsung's executives will tell you that they utilize iris scanning to unlock their phones the majority of the time, but in our testing of this Galaxy S8 we didn't find this true enough... and that still looks like true here.Dual takeThe camera on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is most likely one of the biggest updates over anything else in the South Korean manufacturer's range, with double 12MP detectors on the trunk.According to Apple's iPhone 7 Plus, one of them is telephoto, which means it's possible to zoom in 2x to a topic with no reduction in clarity. 

 It is also possible to use the 2 detectors with each other to make a background blur result, either after taking a photograph or once you have shot it.But this feature requires some work.  In our testing we noticed (dammit, again...) that the Note 8 didn't do an excellent job of working out which components to blur in the live preview quite well, with issues with detailed outlines, like plants, proving especially problematic.

We would also question whether being in a position to blur the image post-shot is a fantastic idea.  What Apple does well is keep things simple, and also a 'desktop defocus' manner that did exactly  that could have been a much better idea here. 

Maybe give users a 'geek-out' manner where they can empower tuning, but the ordinary user is introduced with a great deal of options on the Note 8 camera, which always feels like something of a hazard.That said, it is a judgment device, and its enthusiasts are frequently more technically-minded compared to the average phone user, so perhaps it will not be an issue. 

We also really liked the ability so still observe the wide-angle 'ordinary' picture when you have taken a snap in Live Focus, because it gives you the opportunity to find a much better picture in what you have pictured.Advertisement It's as amazing as ever, and combined with all the Super AMOLED display your snaps always seem brilliant -- even if required quickly, such is the speed of autofocus.

With one sensor on the back taking wide-angle, f/1.7 images and one taking zoomed f/2.4, you need to be able to acquire good low-light performance in the Note 8, in addition to being able to have a wide selection of styles of photograph.That said, in our low-light comparison with all the iPhone 7 Plus, the outcomes from Apple's installation looked brighter, albeit with much more noise.  

We are not going to pass judgement on this however, as it requires more of an appearance.Another little update that came with the Galaxy Note 8 has been that the pairing of programs. 

 This is pretty much because it seems: swipe in the border of the screen in any manner and you will have the ability to observe pairs of programs that you use frequently. Whether it has to do with the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus remains to be seen - but it might be a fantastic feature to bring across.

An Integral update has been missedWe are sad to see that Samsung still isn't choosing to supply double speakers around the Galaxy Note 8, as this could be a brilliant addition to your phone that is so ideal for media playback.

Check out the Essential Phone Review

There is just a single speaker in the base of the phone, and while this has some grunt for it and also is effective at making loud noises, it lacks the clarity of a dual-speaker system which may produce a more immersive audio experience.

The very used S Pen ever createdThe S Pen is -- combined with all the raw power inside -- the thing which defines the Note series, and also the brand new version of the stylus is far better than ever.  Samsung, once again, has phased out the idea that 'this seems like writing on paper' and while it completely does not (since this is rubber on glass) it's nearer than previously, and highly accurate.

The newest features provided, like the option to make an animated GIF from the doodles, and also to interpret more words in a single swipe, are amoWe never believed that being able to snip out portions of pictures was a fantastic tool to get, but also the Galaxy Note 8 feels more helpful for this millennial generation than ever before.

The Galaxy Note 8 needs to truly be called the phone that brings Bixby, Samsung's digital assistant, into the end, with the entire suite of features empowered from launching.It'll mean you're going to have the ability to press on the physical Bixby button and have the phone function all manner of jobs -- and also in the demonstration we have noticed, it's incredibly precise and powerful to get a voice assistant.

AdvertisementIt will not mean a lot right now, even to Samsung phones, but in which we derided Bixby's existence about the Galaxy S8 at launching, the Note 8 will offer a lot more functionality.

There is always a concern with almost any phone whenever you don't observe an industry-leading amount in the battery spec column, and that is true with this Samsung Galaxy Note 8.The 3300mAh power package only feels too little to get a phone which has these specs.  It's a smaller battery compared to the Galaxy S8 Plus (which provided a 3500mAh option), and this might be an issue for Notice users. 

Yes, Samsung has optimized its software nicely, and yes, there still has to be area for your S Pen -- but we anticipate the very best of the best in the Note variety, therefore we are going to have to wait and determine how well the device performs in our typical battery (sorry, again, sorry...) of evaluations.

Anything else I want to understand?  One of those things Samsung is eager to market in its new selection of phones is your DeX background experience, in which you plug the phone into the pier and also have a complete desktop experience if there is a monitor, mouse and computer keyboard handy.

This sounds more in keeping with all the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 compared to the Galaxy S8, since the Note is designed to be more of a productivity tool.

The demo we were shown did show off an improved DeX, with a more fluid background experience and much more full-screen Android programs which may be utilized effectively with a mouse and keyboard, but we found nothing more to convince us that this was a whole desktop replacement.Biometrics still require sortingSamsung still has not solved the issues around the biometric unlocking of its phones -- at least going on that which we can see in our limited testing.

Historical verdictSamsung didn't need to do a lot  to generate a nice Note 8, this was the most impressive nature of this Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus.

Essentially, this is only a beefed-up version of these phones with a fancier camera -- even more options, but overall still the exact identical quality beneath.The power will bring in some users that desire 6GB of RAM alongside the latest CPUs available on the marketplace, but they will not really alter the performance for the majority of users.

In reality we could see folks buying this phone to the bigger display and improved S Pen -- and despite the higher price, that may bring in a massive audience indeed.

So long as the Note 8 does not run into any similar issues to continue year, we are going to be treated to an epic struggle between Samsung and Apple this past year to determine which brand can provide the most impressive handset.
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Saturday, 2 September 2017

Essential Phone Review

Posted by Santosh
Few devices in recent memory have been able to make as much buzz in so little time as the Essential Phone.   The Essential Phone is indeed spartan it boundaries feeling incomplete, but I'm also convinced Essential will quickly become an important brand new pillar of this Android community. What is essential to the modern smartphone, and everything could be left out?The obvious answer is 'it depends upon.'

 What is essential to one person might not be exactly the exact same for everyone.Perhaps you actually require an unbreakable display, a la the Moto Z. Maybe you are heavily invested in Apple's ecosystem, and that means you're going to want an iPhone.  Some individuals can not live without waterproofing or wireless charging.

 And, the most egregious omission for most will be the absence of a headphone jack.  That alone will turn off most potential buyers.Be warned: there is no headphone jack.  And yet, Essential COO Niccolo de Masi informs me that the organization's name identifies not just  to that which is important today, but what will be years later on.

 However, to putting aside the philosophizing to get a bit, the PH-1 provide a particular combination of qualities Android consumers have been dreaming about for many years:It's possible to find competitors that tick some of those boxes, but perhaps not all.  Samsung includes a thick skin, Motorola is bezel-tastic, and Google does not have the modularity.  And none of these phones feel quite as premium.

Those specs incidentally, include: I thought it was fairly enough in photographs, but it was not until I really held it that I appreciated the way well-built the device actually is.The PH-1 doesn't have any branding on it at all, although it pulls fingerprints easily, they wipe away really easily.  It's an incredibly clean appearance.

At 185 g, it weighs more than the usual Google Pixel XL (168 g), despite the fact that it's almost the specific same size as the smaller Pixel.  It's in fact one of the tiniest Android flagships it is possible to purchase.You then notice the display.  2017 has become the year of this shrinking bezels, but the PH-1's screen virtually floats in the air in front of you.  I believed the elite would irritate mepersonally, but I really  grew to kind of like it.

 It will not actually change how you use the phone; programs which don't wrap around the elite will simply letterbox.  Otherwise, it's a great LCD display, which feels about on par with the LG G6.  OLED would have been better to assist the cutout mix into the display, however it's still one of the better displays I've used.I'm also very fond of this ceramic spine, a material I've just seen on Xiaomi's Mi Mix before.  It increases the PH-1's vibe of durability, since it's much harder to scratch than metal or glass.

Pretty much the only way you are going to scratch this is if you also happen to carry precious jewels in your pocket.  It's nice to have the ability to decide on a phone back on a desk without having to worry about scratching it.That said, though Essential claims the Titanium and ceramic combo is stronger than the competition, ceramic may still shatter.  Additionally, be warned that the mirror-like finish is a fingerprint magnet.

On the plus side, smudges appear to wipe off much more easily compared to glass-back phones I have lying about -- they are usually gone by the time I take the phone out my pocket.The hardware reflects that the software's minimalism.  This is because stock as inventory Android has.  For the most part, that is a fantastic thing, but if you have not used a inventory Android phone in years, it might feel a little... barren.

The good: The Essential Phone feels quicker than any phone I've used to date, except possibly the OnePlus 5 and also Pixel.  The Snapdragon 835 blazes via programs.  There are no lost frames, scrolling is easy, unlocking is instant.  Battery life in the 3,040 mAh battery has also been outstanding, consistently netting me around 6-7 hours of screen-on time even after loading all of my programs on it.However, as phones get quicker every year,

I find myself noticing speed improvements significantly less and appreciating useful attributes more.  The Essential phone adds virtually nothing to inventory Android, also I'm not sure that is a fantastic thing.Sure, the Essential Phone is quicker than my S8, however I've begun to appreciate having attributes baked in, like the ability to capture GIFs, use programs in floating windows, or activate a one-handed mode.  A few of those attributes you can not simply add through an program.The spartan software strategy means there is some strange behavior around the elite.

 Essential basically enlarged the notification pub to pay the entire cutout (and then some).  The thickness of this notification pub bothered me considerably  more than the top notch itself.  With all the display size corrected, the letterboxing is Not as noticeablePro-Tip: Unless you've got bad eyesight, correct the display scaling into the lowest size the moment you get this phone (Settings> Display > Display Size).  It permits you to fit more information by shrinking text along with UI elements.

The notification pub will now up flawlessly with the cutout, save a few pixels.  This way, even if there is letterboxing, the vacant space will still be bigger compared to the S8's upper bezel.(If you really need to go mad, you can correct the 'lowest width' worth in the Developer Options to adjust the scaling to any size you would like.

I put it to 510).Still, I could not help but wish Essential had done more to bargain with the top notch in this software.  As an instance there is no way to get videos and images fill up the place beside the top notch in landscape style, for instance, although some programs do this in portrait style.It's a little frustrating when watching I'm watching video and also would like to utilize the entire display's property.  Samsung enables you to toggle between a harvest and letterboxing.  LG leaves it up the programs to decide.

On the PH-1, you merely need to cope with it. A different firm might have used software to flip the elite into a feature instead of a design compromise.  If Essential had set all of the notifications and status icons on one side, for instance, it might have used another side for functionality like recent or shortcuts programs.Another stock-ish Android phones attempt to include at least something unique.  But that is okay -- I could honor Essential's decision to modify Android as little as possible, given its creator.

What is more difficult to forgive is that the camera, which is simply not around 2017 flagship criteria right now.The double camera, flanked by the pins to the mods.Essential creates a big deal from its own camera onto its website.  It requires the Huawei and Motorola method of pairing a colour and black detector to ostensibly improve low light performance, nevertheless somehow performs better than similar devices.

 Plus it does not even include any fancy thickness effects, however that is apparently in the works.Colors and detail are only adequate, low light performance was foolish, and without an auto-HDR option, dynamic selection is mediocre by default.  If you manually turn on HDR, it's still a step below the competition, and worse, the camera does not even recall your settings between sessions.  The program is slow to load and slow to concentrate.  

Luckily, it mainly appears to return to software: as disappointing as the camera is now, it was much worse when I first tried it.  Essential has since pushed three or more updates, every one of which contains noticeably improved performance.Moreover, I installed Google's camera program for your Pixel (modified to operate on other devices), and the outcomes are night and day.

 I really don't think I've noticed a single photograph where Essential's app out-performed Google's.And the Exact Same picture using GCam:The Exact Same photograph with GCAM.Let us take a look at the difference in dynamic selection, with HDR enabled on the two phones.

 Essential's program on the left, the modified GCam about the right:Google's software wins, despite the fact that it's not optimized to your phone.  Another comparison:Again, no competition.  It really goes to show how important great processing is really on mobile devices.

 The middling camera program is really a serious demerit, but the availability of greater software softens the blow off a little. It's the very premium build I've felt in years, in a refreshingly compact figure to get a Android flagship.   Even the 128 GB iPhone 7 Plus prices $869, includes a bigger display, also uses cheaper materials.With neither the mindshare nor tools of Apple and Samsung, Essential still has a great deal to prove.

  It just has one module out thus much, and shipments of those PH-1 were delayed by almost two weeks.  For all of the talent and money behind it, Essential's questionable additions (or absence thereof) give away its position for a startup.  And until the inventory camera program is fixed, it's difficult to advocate to the less tech-saavy.But Essential was not looking to catch the mainstream with its first product anyhow.

Here is the Video review of Essential Phone

  Plus it's still notable that a little startup was able to match or outclass everyone else's design on its first outing.The PH-1 makes compromises like each other phone, and its default camera experience is confusingly bad.  However, its mix of premium hardware, fantastic battery life, little bezels, powerful specs, and inventory Android is really hard to find elsewhere.  That combination alone leaves the PH-1 one of the greatest phones of this year for Android purists.  If Essential can do something about its camera program, perhaps it will be a fantastic phone for everyone else also.
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